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ABIGAIL ADAMS (1744-1818). Married to John Adams, Adams was the United States’ Second First Lady. A formidable intellectual and letter writer, she was her husband’s chief advisor, as well as mother of President John Quincy Adams. She is known as an early activist for women’s and African-Americans’ rights.


Partial ALS. 1pg. 7” x 8”. No date. No place.  The conclusion of an autograph letter signed Abigail Adams to her daughter-in-law Ann Harrod Adams, wife of Thomas B. Adams.  The First Lady wrote: “Commit this hasty scratch of my pen to the flames my dear nancy. It is written more to show you how much I bear you in mind, and how tenderly I love you than to afford you any entertainment - a mere chit chat scribble - not half so elegant so refined so sentimental as my dear daughters to her ever affectionate Mother Abigail Adams Present me kindly to all your family. Mrs. Smith Caroline John and Susan all send a thousand Loves & kisses for our dear Babe…”.  On the verso, she wrote “Ms Ann Adams Haverhill”.  The partial letter is in fine condition with dark writing, folds and some toning boxes on the verso.