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Below are links to Stuart's contributions which appeared in various autograph industry journals; selecting one will open a scanned version of the article.

Albert Einstein: A Very Relative Autograph
Alexander Graham Bell: Not A "Phone"-y Autograph
Andrew Carnegie - A Wealth of Material
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - It's Elementary
Buffalo Bill Cody: An autograph true to friend & foe
The Evolution of Charles Darwin
The Prolific Pen of Charles Dickens
Clarence Darrow: An Appealing Autograph
Exploring Daniel Boone's Autograph
Great Scott! The Handwritng of F. Scott Fitzgerald
The writings of Frank Lloyd Wright
Frederick Douglass - From Chains to Freedom
George Bernard Shaw - A Cantankerous Autograph
Golda: From School Teacher to World Leader
Marconi: The Founder of Wireless
The Unmasking of Harry Houdini
Super Secretaries
The Marshall of the Supreme Court
John Steinbeck - The Grapes of Writing
Langston Hughes - An Autographic Renaissance
February 25, 2009 - Stuart talks with NPR's All Things Considered about Presidential Signatures
Lewis Carroll: Thru the Writing Fan
Satchmo's Scrawl
Louis Pasteur: A Germane Autograph
Marie Curie: A Glowing Autograph
The Prolific Pen of Mark Twain
A Signature Fit For a King
Norman Rockwell: His Writings Illustrated
Born to be Wilde
A Most Revered Autograph
A Sucker For Autographs
The Lone Star Autograph
A Dash of Samuel Morse
Sigmund Freud's Handwriting: An Analysis
Stonewall Jackson: The Eccentric Genius
Susan B Anthony - More then a familiar face on a coin
Thomas Edison: Shining a Light on His Autographs
William Faulkner: Requiem for a Writer
William T. Sherman - A General Autograph Study
Winslow Homer - A Portrait of His Handwriting
The Wright Stuff